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Online Programming and Coaching for Strength Sports

We offer many services in an online and personal basis:

Weightlifting Coaching

Powerlifting Coaching

Injury Rehab

Injury Prevention


Video assessments

And more!

Hey Everyone!

Human Movement has started a new business subset; focusing on advanced program design and online coaching for the athletes that may not normally have access to such.

We are currently in testing and development stages of our advanced program design software, and looking forward to making this technology available to anyone who seeks it.

Using Exercise Science principals to make our programming and coaching applicable to most strength sports and all types of Athletes from advanced to recreational. Injury holding you back ? We have the ability to cater for that too, with an Exercise Physiologist on board for rehabilitation exercise recommendation and support.

Our software is currently geared towards Weightlifting athletes, but with the versatility of our software, we can cater for CrossFit and Team Sport Athletes as well. Powerlifter? Don’t worry, we have plans for you soon!

With almost all the profits from this subset being redirected into coach education, giving you assurance our programming and technology stay current with the latest academic research and coaching methodologies.

Yours sincerely,




Our Business Model :  Striving to make people happier, healthier, stronger and all the while injury free with quality coaching, quality programming ,in depth movement screening and movement correction. We will happily welcome anyone on board no matter your current condition or experience.

ABN: 71 834 579 880

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