Reluctance For Rehab and Prehab

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

This post is a little on the personal side however I’ve been seeing this more regularly to the point where its becoming alarming.

Maybe these words will steer you in the right direction- The injury free one!

One of our main goals at Human Movement is injury prevention. Giving clients the greatest chance to do what they love pain free, to get the results they want pain free and to hopefully keep them on the strength and conditioning bandwagon for as long as humanly possible…. Pain Free.

Now injury prevention normally starts off looking at the main problems and instabilities – Got enough stability? Got enough mobility? Got enough strength?

Most people will answer yes I have strength I can squat a house, yes I have core stability I have a six-pack, yes I have mobility I can touch my toes…. Sorry crew. Wrong answers but that’s a topic for another day!.

If you answered no to those questions (99% of you should have). What can you do to fix it?

Unfortunately the answer is homework; Yes that terrible kind of work you had to do from home that your grade 4 teacher used to hand out the day before the holidays. How harsh is that!? But that grade 4 teacher had a purpose for giving you this homework, as do we. We want you to be the strongest and safest human being possible. Now if you don’t put in the ‘hard’ yards with your rehab, prehab and mobility homework that we prescribe you the world will end!

No not really, but your world might… Think about it.

Lets look at a common hypothetical client with a common problem: Say Timmy comes to us saying he want’s to get stronger for his job as a bricklayer. Sweet! We love those kind of people. Lets squat and deadlift until the cows come home! But wait, in Timmy’s movement screening we noticed hip instability: His Transverse Abdominis isn’t firing properly which causes his pelvis and lumbar spine to go whichever way they desire, even in a simple bodyweight air squat. No Problem! We can help. Lets prescribe a pre-habilitation (Injury Prevention) program in order to sort out the pelvis and lumbar instability before we start to move some weights.

Your homework is: Transverse abdominal contractions on back. 5second hold 30second rest for 5sets

How boring… In-fact that’s so boring I’m not even going to bother.

Wrong answer I’m afraid

A month later poor old Timmy herniated 2 vertebrae in his back trying to pick up a stack of bricks at work, unfortunately Timmy I hate to say it but this probably could have been avoided. A typical rehab, prehab or mobility program will take 5-10 minutes a day. There is 1440 minutes in a day so poor Timmy is now immobilized, out of work and unable to lift anything for 6 months because he couldn’t be bothered spending 0.7% of his day helping his body stay injury free. This sucks, This really sucks and I’m seeing it more and more. People not being bothered doing 10 minutes of mobility after a workout. 10 minutes of prehab in the morning or 10 minutes of rehab while watching TV at night.

Why don’t people want to do this. Do they want to injure themselves? No, I doubt it, But why wont they do these programs?

My guess is that it’s too boring, they don’t realize the importance or on the mobility side of things; it hurts too much. What a shame! We program these things to help you! We want you to be the best you can be! Poor old Timmy can’t be the best he could have anymore. Poor bloke herniated his disks and lost his job  all because he couldn’t be bothered using that 0.7% of his day for some injury prevention.

Now lets say you are motivated, you do want to make yourself better, you’re happy to spend the time on it but you ask one question. Top level competitors don’t do this prehab crap, why should I? Wrong answer again, Thank goodness this isn’t who wants to be a millionaire!

Check out this Amazing Lifter, literally or figuratively.. your choice.

Marilou Dozois-Prévost

She won a silver medal in the women’s 48 kg division at the 06 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia. She finished in 10th place on the 48 kg event at the 08 Summer Olympics in Beijing. She won the gold medal at the Commonwealth games in New-Delhi in 2010.

Outstanding achievements from the phenomenal Weightlifter. However after 08 Olympics she had to stop training altogether for 3 months, simply to re learn how to use her transverse abdominis again to stop her chances of receiving another low back injury. 3 months of nothing but pre-habilitation work!

If you looked at her stats following the 08 Olympics she went on to win a gold Commonwealth Games medal, Injury Free!. I wonder what Timmy could of accomplished had he done his pre-habilitation work?

I know I know, This post is a bit of a rant. It is however only in your best interest. Please listen to your coaches, Please do your homework. It is there to help you, to keep you strong healthy and safe! And after all it is only 0.7% of your day!

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